• To please God and glorify Him by building Jesus’ Kingdom, House, and Body here on Earth.

  • To be a church which equips its members to make disciples.

  • To reach our world for Jesus Christ.

Hat luncheon 2018

Hat luncheon 2018

WE Express our unity by:

  • Growing in friendship and encouragement of each other.

  • Holding social events to show our love to others.

We live out the lord’s values and priorities:

  • So that all will changed and conformed to His character.

  • To ensure our children are equipped for their future.

We Want to:

  • Realize, develop, and use our God-given gifts and opportunities to serve God and His people.

We Desire To:

  • Make Jesus known; to ensure that everyone knows of The Good News of Jesus Christ, both through our individual witness and by providing opportunities for exploring our Christian faith together.

we Commit to:

  • Equipping ourselves to be better and more obedient disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.